Booking Conditions

By booking a flight with Aerohunter you are agreeing that the recipient is medically fit to fly and within the weight limits 40-125 kilograms and no taller than 198cm. Refunds are only issued for exceptional circumstances at our discretion.  Aerohunter may have to reschedule your flight for the following reasons:

Gift Vouchers are valid for six months from date of purchase. After this date a small surcharge may be applicable. Gift Certificates can be transferred between recipients but this must be organised by calling Aerohunter prior to the day of flight.

Aerohunter reserves the right to cancel a flight voucher, without refund, if a flight is cancelled as a result of:

CASA (Governing body) states that because this is a warbird and operated in the limited class passengers must understand;

(a) the design, manufacture, and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognised by CASA;

(b) CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft on a commercial passenger flight; and

(c) the passenger flies in the aircraft at his or her own risk.